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You probably shouldn't mess with this stuff unless you really know what you are doing.


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MODX has needs. Match it up with a database to get started.

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Connection Information

What is a database?
A database is where stuff goes.
I'm lost. I need help.
We all need help from time to time. Find a certified MODX developer.
How do I create a database?
Ask your host.
What is a database prefix?
Blah blah
Can I use MODX without manually creating a database?
Yes. Cloud hosting is available. You are also free to try the modmore demo at anytime.

Default Admin User

Somebody has to captain this ship. Who should it be?

Optional fields

Context & Connectors

Here you specify where MODX is or should be located, the relative URL your MODX install will be hosted at, and where your connectors will be located.


Your web context will be hosted at https://localhost:3003 and located at /modx on your server.
Connectors will be hosted at /connectors and located at /modx/connectors on your server

What is a web context?
A web context is usually a web site. But it can be anything. Learn more about MODX contexts
What are connectors?
Connectors are hook up the MODX interface to your dyanmic database
Why would I change the connectors path or URL?
Using a non–default connectors path makes your site less detectable as being created with MODX

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Now that MODX is installed you may configure it further or skip straight to your new dashboard.

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Packages to Install

Premium Extras are installed hassle–free as 14 day trials. Try now buy later.

The MODX Community has many great extras ranging from free to premium. Here you can specify which packages you'd like to start with.

Choose a Theme

With MODX you can start from scratch or with your favorite theme. WIP.

Inject Teleport Snapshots

MODX Teleport allows you to do cool stuff. Inject one or more snapshots below.

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Transport package Actions

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